"A must read..."
"...unlike all others written, in its honest and straightforward assessment..."

Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads is a refreshing, tastefully written and acutely relevant book so badly needed in our present American culture. It provides hope and practical help for young girls and women who are daily bombarded with the cultural norms and perspectives that lead everywhere but down the path of finding their life-long soul mate. Dr. Ryan’s honest and candid style obviously reflect the heart of a father who so badly wants the best for not only his daughters – but daughters everywhere. It provides hands on steps – and not just warmed over suggestions – on how to cultivate the process of growing and maturing in relationships, especially with boys and young men. As a pastor who deals with the challenges and by-products of counseling shattered and disillusioned lives of teens and college women – this book will undoubtedly be highly recommended in my work. It is unlike all others written, in its honest and straightforward assessment so critically needed in helping our daughters find their ‘prince’ and not a ‘toad’. This book will help our daughters grow in discernment and healthy decision making as they journey through life dreaming of the man who will honor, cherish and love her till the end.

Paul DenHerder
Pastor – Riverview Church
Holt, Michigan

"The sections on sexual differences are real eye openers!"

I highly recommend this colorful, lively “read” for young females launching out or entrenched in the dating scene. Dr. Ryan brings the protective “father-in-the know “input developed for his own three daughters to prepare them with understanding, fortitude, and communication skills for the search for a lifetime mate. He blesses femaleness and teaches awareness of the different ways that young males view love, sex, and relationships. The sections on sexual differences are real eye openers!
Dr. Ryan takes cultural media “persuasion” and connects the dots with simple logical reasoning, dispelling myths and inviting assumptions to change.
Short chapters with pithy titles and concrete illustrations from today’s youth culture will be catalysts for parent-child discussions, dating relationship conversations, and a teen-friendly tool for the counselor’s office.
Females who read and process this book will become attuned to the importance of integrity with a greater ability to discern the healthy and unhealthy character patterns in young men. This book will equip young women to challenge the guy in their life to grow in maturity and encourage their female friends not to “settle for less”. With books like this, we counselors could expect to see less emotional damage from broken relationships and healthier marriages.
Can we persuade Dr. Ryan to write a book for the princes and toads?

Karen Montgomery, MSW
Counselor, Journey Counseling Ministries
Stephen Ministry Leader
Harrisonburg, VA

"Mixing humor with hard-hitting, straight-forward advice"

"I love this book. Every 'single' woman coming through our clinic doors needs to know the information that Dr. Ryan shares in 
Finding your Prince in a Sea of Toads. Mixing humor with hard-hitting, straight-forward advice on serious topics, this book is a fun and compelling read.  I highly recommend it to single women of all ages."

John Kuebler
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Supervisor/trainer of Licensed Professional Counselors
Founder of Journey Counseling Ministries

"A must read for parents and teens....speaking truth into subject matters where there is often confusion, shame & mixed messages...."

Much like Paul at Mars Hill, Dr. Ryan uses the language and context common to our culture to reach increasingly biblically illiterate generations. Grounded on the principles and truths of scripture this book practically addresses issues that are central to the lives of teen girls in a way that is accessible to the mature Christian, the nominal Christian or those who are without faith altogether. Having worked in youth ministry for over 10 years I am always looking for new materials that speak to the heart issues that our teens are facing. This book is honest and winsome and goes for the knockout punch – speaking truth into subject matters where there is often confusion, shame, mixed messages, and cultural and peer pressures. Ryan desires to see our teens protected, informed, and biblically motivated in their decision choices. This is a must read for parents and teens.

Tim Frost
Pastor for Youth Ministries
Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA)
Harrisonburg, VA