Meet the Author

Thank you so much for visiting. If you are a single woman or know a single woman (which covers everybody) I hope you will make use of
Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads. I trust you will find it to be an entirely fresh approach to one of the most important topics every woman faces. I wrote it in bite size chapters so you can brag to someone that you read three chapters of a book today - even though it might only take you six minutes to read them. Read it front-to-back, back-to-front or inside out. If you already have a boyfriend, you will want to jump straight to middle sections. If you wish you had a boyfriend, start at the beginning. I know the chances are good you will jump straight to the chapters about sex. Eventually, read it all. I sincerely believe that no single woman can safely or effectively date without the information in this book. If you haven't acquired the information elsewhere, you can get it here. Ignorance of a few critical concepts may have life changing consequences.

I am a Christian and I wrote Finding Your Prince in A Sea of Toads to be consistent with biblical principles but, you do not need to be a Christian to benefit from the book. In fact, it is written for any single woman regardless of her faith or lack of faith. I do not quote any verses (one verse is paraphrased) but nothing in the book violates biblical principles. I do not make any arguments based on the assumption that you should do something or not do something because God likes it or doesn’t like it. My arguments are based on logic, reason, human nature and likely consequences. There are many other books that explain very clearly what the Bible specifically says about relationships and I have not tried to rewrite those books. If you are not a Christian, I assume you do not care what God thinks about relationships. If you are a Christian, you can and should read the other books because you should seriously care what God thinks about relationships. My purpose in writing was to talk realistically and practically about the challenges of sex, dating and finding your mate. The principles I discuss are universal for all single women.

I wish you all the best in this exciting phase of your life.


Dr. Kenneth Ryan